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When I can’t find inspiration in my own landscape, all I have to do is step next door! My neighbor Nancy has a wonderful garden and, in addition to being a dear, dear friend, over the years she has provided a wealth of gardening tips and how-to’s. Thanks, Nancy! 🙂

Although situated right next to each other, our gardens can sometimes seem worlds apart (her landscape receives so many more hours of sun and therefore, tends to be a bit ahead). For example, both our gardens contain ‘Endless Summer’, a variety of Mophead Hydrangea, but, while mine are still in the beginning bud stage, hers are already putting forth their sumptuous blooms.

“Harlow” (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Endless Summer’), Old Hollywood Glamour Series, Nikon D300, 70mm, F/2.8, 1/1600s, -0.3EV, ISO 200, SB800 w/Gary Fong Lightsphere Cloud, -1.7EV

There is something so timeless about hydrangea blossoms and one in particular just knocked me out! I adore the sweetheart shape painted in delicate hues of cream and blue with the slightest touch of purple.

Just screams to be part of the Old Hollywood Glamour series, doesn’t it? 

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