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“Left 5th Metatarsal Base Break” (aka Jones Break) (X-ray courtesy of Beverly Hospital Emergency) Watermark added to discourage copying/reposting. Please respect privacy.

So, just 10 weeks into my workout commitment and I’ve hit a stumbling block.


Well, more accurately, I’ve stumbled upon some very uneven blocks resulting in a broken foot. A ‘left 5th metatarsal base break’ (aka Jones Break) to be exact.


I’ve never broken a bone before and, judging by the amount of pain, swelling and bruising, I would prefer this to be my first and last time doing so.

Fortunately, no cast or surgery is required but I am now sporting the most lovely black immobilization ‘boot’ accessorized by a pair of aluminum crutches. (Didn’t you hear?? This look was all the rage on the Paris runways…the ‘must haves’ for spring). 😉 ) 

I have to admit the ‘boot’ and crutches are indeed a much better solution than hopping around on one foot – something I did quite a lot of this morning prior to my visit with the very nice orthopedist. 🙂

I don’t plan on being down for long but only time will tell.

If the universe is trying to tell me to ‘slow down’, message received.

Yeah, this sucks.

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