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Who knew the garden task of pulling weeds would lead to today’s photo?

Some rather tall and slender plants were growing amongst my daylilies so I began to pull them. While doing so, I noticed the very pretty (and ever-so-tiny) star-shaped flowers and apricot buds eminating out from the center stem.

A quick google search revealed that the “weed” is a actually a native wildflower called ‘Whorled Loosestrife’, which came as little surprise since it closely resembles the perennial ‘Yellow Loosestrife’ I have planted about 10 yards away.

“Budding Star” (Whorled Loosestrife) Nikon D300, 550mm (400mm w/1.4x teleconverter), F/16, 1/50s, -1.0EV, ISO 640, SB900 TTL flash w/Gary Fong Lightsphere Cloud, -1.0EV

So, rather than pulling them all, I simply thinned what was interfering with the daylilies and left the others to continue to thrive as Mother Nature intended.

Happy Sunday!

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