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…is not like the others! šŸ™‚

“Hugh Hefner” (Male Northern Cardinal with Bunny Statues) Nikon D300, 390mm (200-400mm w/1.4x teleconverter), F/7.1, 1/160s, ISO 640

Seeing a CardinalĀ sitting still is not a common occurrence, so I found it remarkably strange, then, whenĀ I spotted aĀ maleĀ just leisurely ‘hanging out’ amongst the twoĀ small rabbit statues under one of our garden benches. Perhaps he thought he had made some new friends??Ā Ā 

The bird stayed in this exact spotĀ for quite a long time (well, for a Cardinal, mind you, as they are typicallyĀ very skittish birds), even shutting his eyes to rest! I actually began to get concernedĀ he was injured or sick, but, just as I was about to investigate further, I accidentally startled him and he flew off.

Most likely he was a young male, simply getting his bearings. I’ve been seeing many juveniles lately, from squirrels to chipmunks to birds to rabbits, sporting atypical animal behavior and it has been humorous to watch them try to make sense of their surroundings without the aid of the parents. Kids! šŸ˜‰

Oh, well. Just another day in Milkay’s Animal Kingdom, where the critters never cease to amaze! šŸ™‚


Here’s a sneak peekĀ from theĀ latest issue of Critter Beefcake’ magazine… šŸ˜‰Ā 

“Adonis” (Eastern Grey Squirrel, Adult Male) Nikon D300, 340mm (200-400mm F/4G w/1.7x Teleconverter), F/6.7, 1/100s, ISO 1000


“Pumped Up” (Eastern Grey Squirrel, Adult Male) Nikon D300, 340mm (200-400mm F/4G w/1.7x Teleconverter), F/6.7, 1/80s, ISO 1000

I spy

with my big lens

"Spot of Gold" (American Goldfinch, Male, Spinus tristis) Nikon D300, 1000mm (600mm w/1.7x teleconverter), F/6.7, 1/200, +0.7EV, ISO 400

a cute golden finch

and, perphaps, a new friend? šŸ™‚

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