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If you think all there is to Walt Disney World is Mickey Mouse and Princesses, you’d be wrong. The Boardwalk Resort area has the look and feel of an old time Atlantic seaside village and is stunning at night with all the bright lights a-blazing….

“Night Boardwalk” (Disney’s Boardwalk) Nikon D300, 35mm, F/8, 1/2.5s, -0.7EV, ISO 640

Here is another cool night-time view featuring the lighthouse at the end of the Yacht Club resort dock.


“Lighthouse Lit” (Disney’s Yacht Club Lighthouse) Nikon D300, 10.5mm F/2.8G Fisheye, F/22, 5s, ISO 640



Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, I was unable to post yesterday’s blog entry as scheduled, thus ruining my perfect 142 day attendence record – arrrrgh! I suppose relying on laptops and remote internet service was a sketchy plan at best. Lesson learned.

I now return you to yesterday’s blog post already in progress….


Two chipmunks and Cinderella’s castle…..what more do you need?

“Friends Forever” (Chip & Dale Bronze Statues with Cinderella’s Castle, Disney’s Magic Kingdom) Nikon D300, 10.5mm fisheye, F/8, 1/5s, -2.0EV, ISO 1600, Built-in Rear Curtain Flash, -1.0EV


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