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Breakfast Collage (Clockwise: Ham & Cheese Scramble, Pancakes, Strawberries, Banana Bread, Cap'n Crunch's Crunchberries Cereal)

I’m what you’d call a foodie. Hmmm, no, that’s not right.

I’m a die hard foodie!

Love to cook, love to eat, love to learn about food (and wine), love to watch cooking shows, love to create recipes. I am more than familiar with the names Giada, Ina, Nigella, Tyler, Bobby, Gordon and Guy, and my dvr is loaded with shows having titles like ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, ‘Top Chef’ and ‘Chopped’. Heck, I’ve been regularly attending the annual EpCot Food & Wine Festival since 1998! 

So, when Scott Thomas posted his latest photo assignment, Food Photography, I knew I was all in! 🙂

Lunch Collage (T to B: Ham, Cheese & Apple Panini, Beet & Goat Cheese Salad, Cheese Pizza)

The hardest part of this assignment was remembering to stop and photograph the food. Let’s face it…once it’s baked, fried, grilled, roasted, seared, simmered and plated, the next step is ‘lift utensil, stick in mouth’, not, pick up camera! 🙂

For this challenge, I specifically chose not to make anything out of the ordinary. If you think about it, food photographers shoot all kinds of food and food-related items, not just fancy-schmancy, perfectly plated meals. Be it for an equipment ad, a recipe in a cookbook, a restaurant menu, a glossy magazine cover or gourmet catalog, their job is to make the food look interesting and appetizing, whatever it may happen to be. 

Therefore, these three collages simply represent a little snapshot of what you may see on our table on

Dinner Collage (L to R: Hearty Beef Stew, Linguine w/Meatball & Steamed Asparagus)

any given day. (Is your mouth watering yet? 😉 ) Like everyone else, our tastes change with the seasons and being winter, these days the meals tend to be on the heartier side with a very high ‘comfort level’ factor. (Hey, something has to get us through all these Nor’easters!) Around March, as thoughts turn to pool season, things will lighten up in anticipation of days spent by the grill and fresh veggies pulled from the garden. (Oh, and skin-bearing swimsuits…yikes!)

But for now, I am very happy with plates filled with eggs and pancakes and bowls piled high with pasta and stews.

Say…could you please be a dear and pass the bread? 😀

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