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I have to confess that most likely this isn’t a dew drop (as it has been extremely dry around these parts with no appreciable rain for weeks) but rather a leftover sprinkle from the morning’s watering via the irrigation system. 

"Dew Drop Daisy" (Yellow African Daisy) Nikon D300, 105mm F/2.8G Macro, F/7.1, 1/160s, ISO 640

 Still, such a sunny little bloom for a sunny little saturday! 🙂

So much of my time lately has been spent testing our swimming pool water to get things all chemically in balance that I decided to photograph it! 

It was quite breezy today and what first caught my attention were a few small orange flowers that had been blown into the pool and were being tossed about on the rippled water. However, it wasn’t too long before I began to notice some interesting reflections, so the floating flowers were abandoned as I began to randomly capture the reflected patterns and colors forming in the moving water.

At first I went for the obvious…poolside annual flowers making floral reflections. (Hey, I like flowers, what can I say?) The more I shot however, the more ‘loose’ my shooting became and my full-on right-brain process kicked into high gear.

"Reflections of Her" (Woman's Face Formed by Water Ripples & Reflections) Nikon D300, 650mm (200-400mm w/1.7x Teleconverter), F/9, 1/200s, -0.3EV, ISO 400

This image took me completely by surprise! Very little post-processing has been done here, folks. What you see is what the camera captured in that split millisecond. Amazing, right?

(I now get why Lynn likes photographing water reflections. They’re fun! 🙂 )

A few more really interesting reflections were captured today so it looks like I may have another series on my hands! 🙂


UPDATE: Okay, for those not seeing the woman’s face, does this help?

Defined Eye (with eyelashes) and Mouth

Surrrrrre, I coulda used a garden hose to fill the pool after recent repairs but, with 90 degree temperatures headed our way, who has that kinda time?? 😉 

“300 GPM” (High Pressure Water Hose Filling Swimming Pool) Nikon D300, 32mm, F/7.1, 1/250s, -0.7EV, ISO 200, Built-in Rear Curtain Flash, -1.0EV, ‘Heartland’ Toning Action

Well, at least for the robins! 🙂 

You just can’t beat the personality of the bird in the first image! Doesn’t he look like he is having a ball?? 

“Shake Your Tailfeathers” (American Robin, Male) Nikon D300, 1000mm (600mm w/1.7x teleconverter), F/6.7, 1/250s, +0.3EV, ISO 500

In this second image, I really like the colors and movement seen in the water as well as the ‘glow’ surrounding the robin’s head (courtesy of some chartreuse-colored leaves waaaaay off in the distance). 

“Bathing Beauty” (American Robin, Male) Nikon D300, 1000mm (600mm w/1.7x teleconverter), F/6.7, 1/100s, ISO 640

You’d never know that seconds ago he, too, was going nuts in the water! 🙂

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