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There is no question that Disney’s Animal Kingdom is my favorite theme park. I could spend the entire day simply walking the trails and looking at all the animals. Does it bother me that these amazing creatures are at what some would define as a zoo? Yesssss, more than a little bit. I would much prefer all animals to be out in the wild, living out their lives doing what wild animals do. But, the world isn’t the perfect place we all wish it to be and the folks here at Disney are doing their part to protect and preserve animal species that, if not for their efforts, might be heading towards extinction. You have to give them much credit for that.

The animals have been kind to me this trip. Here are some of my favorites so far.

“White Rhino” (White Rhino, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Disney’s Animal Kingdom) Nikon D300, 70mm, F/8, 1/1000s, ISO 640

We thought me missed these guys on the safari when suddenly, this rhino charged out of the bushes to our right, heading straight for the jeep! I don’t think anyone would argue that the rhinos always have the right of way.

“Meerkat Lookout” (Meerkat, Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, Disney’s Animal Kingdom) Nikon D300, 70mm, F/6.3, 1/250s, -0.7EV, ISO 400

The meerkats are so entertaining! Nothing was going to get past this observant little one!

“Don’t Mess with Shorty” (Male Silverback Gorilla, Pangani Exploration Trail, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Nikon D300, 70mm, F/3.5, 1/400s, ISO 640

Moving further along the trail, we came upon a family of male silverback gorillas. As much as we were watching them, they certainly were observing our every move.

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