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Surrrrrre, I coulda used a garden hose to fill the pool after recent repairs but, with 90 degree temperatures headed our way, who has that kinda time?? 😉 

“300 GPM” (High Pressure Water Hose Filling Swimming Pool) Nikon D300, 32mm, F/7.1, 1/250s, -0.7EV, ISO 200, Built-in Rear Curtain Flash, -1.0EV, ‘Heartland’ Toning Action


  1. uh, explanation please? Is hubby a fireman? 😉

    • LOL! Nooooo, hubby is not a fireman. But I’m sure at times he thinks he is (don’t all little boys want to grow up to be firemen?) Anyways, I digress. 😉

      There are these amazing inventions called ‘water trucks’ that can deliver 9000 gallons of fresh spring water right to your yard. We required two of them to fill the pool after a stupid piece of cedar mulch somehow managed to wedge itself within the hydrostatic relief valve in the drain at the bottom of the deep end causing all of the pool water to slowly drain out…well, not before it got all stinky and disgusting because no filter ran while we waited 2 weeks for the pool repair guys!

  2. Break out the Bi-Ki-Ni!

    • Soon, babe. Water needs to get a little warmer than 58 degrees F… 😉

  3. Wow, now that’s my kind of photo. Something a bit different for you, eh Tracy? Really nice, and nice treatment too.

    • Ha! Thanks, Dave! I knew this had YOU written all over it! (You’ve should have seen all the different angles I took! I’m sure it was quite the spectacle for the two water guys!)

      Ya know I have to toss one of these in every once in awhile (a) to prove I’m more than just critters and flowers, (b) to keep things interesting, and (c) specifically to keep you coming back for more!! 😀

  4. A pool!?!? I’m comin’ over! 🙂

    • Ha! And I thought your heart belonged to the beach, Chris! 🙂

      Heck, any day you wanna ditch the kids and join me poolside, be my guest! 🙂

  5. Cool shot, must be nice to have a swimming pool 🙂

    • Thank you, Consuelo!

      Being a June baby, I was swimming at 2 months old, well before I could walk. Mom tells me I took to water like a fish! I do love to swim and can feel like a kid again once in the water. Because of weather and our pool drain woes, this season has gotten off to a very late start. I’m hoping to make up for lost time this weekend! 🙂

  6. Hell, it’s 90 degrees here in the AM!

    Enjoy the water, great pic!

    • Thanks Derrickl! Wow, ‘hell’ is certainly the approriate word cuz’ that’s hot! 😉

      Pool is doing great! Water is crystal clear, temp is up to 80 degrees (LOVE that heater!) and for sure soon it will be 86 (IMO – the perfect swimming temperature!). Water balancing is on tap for today and all that is scheduled for the weekend is a good dose of laziness (well-earned after spending last weekend spreading 8 yards of mulch!) 🙂

  7. Whoohoo!! Now you can finally ENJOY summer!! 😀 (Crossing my fingers that your pool problems are over!)

  8. I like the shot alot and for some reason I thought about the Gulf oil spill (maybe the toning). Nice.

    • Thanks, Bob!

      Yeah, I guess it is a pretty gritty depiction of what otherwise is a fairly mundane activity. Perhaps that is what sparked your reaction. When I was shooting, I didn’t even think I’d be doing any sort of toning on the shot, but when I saw it on-screen, the colors were so blah (black hose, white water spray, grey concrete, etc.). that I felt it needed ‘something‘. I tried several post-processing treatments and when I came to this one, I knew it was the one!

  9. cool! this reminds me of nostalgia shots of kids playing in the fire hydrant fountains during the new york summers. again, i say cool!

    • Yeah, it does have that feel to it! I second the ‘cool’! Thanks, Stephen! 🙂

      • you mean you third the ‘cool.’ (i seem to have already seconded my own motion.)

      • Ha! Yes, I guess you have! You are SUCH a lawyer… 😉

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